San Onofre

Synergy of Purpose

Here's a great example of the synergy between the missions of Women Occupy SD and the Coalition to Decommission San Onofre (of which WOSD is a founding member): During the Public Comment period at the end of the CA Energy Commission- hosted workshop at UCLA on Monday, many speakers representing community-based organizations emphasized to the handful of remaining CEC, CPUC and ISO officials that we need NEW thinking to lead us forward and we do NOT need more fossil fuel plants nor transmission predicated on the old, centralized generation model.

The Judge Goes Out Of Control-Protesters Demand Shut Down San Onofre Nuke Plant Now!

At an administrative hearing on January 8, 2012  of the California Public Utility Commission  on the multi-million dollars costs at the broken down San Onofre nuclear power plant run by Southern California Edison, Administrative Judge Melanie M. Darling rushed off the bench and grabbed a banner against nuclear power.

Customers have paid more than $1 billion for idle San Onofre plant

The California Public Utilities Commission held an initial meeting Tuesday in an investigative process that could eventually result in ratepayers getting a refund for a portion of the bills they have paid during the San Onofre nuclear plant's year-long outage.

The plant has been out of service since last January, when a steam generator tube leaked a small amount of radioactive steam, leading to the discovery of unusual wear on many more tubes in the newly replaced steam generators.

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