Nuclear Power

The Judge Goes Out Of Control-Protesters Demand Shut Down San Onofre Nuke Plant Now!

At an administrative hearing on January 8, 2012  of the California Public Utility Commission  on the multi-million dollars costs at the broken down San Onofre nuclear power plant run by Southern California Edison, Administrative Judge Melanie M. Darling rushed off the bench and grabbed a banner against nuclear power.

Customers have paid more than $1 billion for idle San Onofre plant

The California Public Utilities Commission held an initial meeting Tuesday in an investigative process that could eventually result in ratepayers getting a refund for a portion of the bills they have paid during the San Onofre nuclear plant's year-long outage.

The plant has been out of service since last January, when a steam generator tube leaked a small amount of radioactive steam, leading to the discovery of unusual wear on many more tubes in the newly replaced steam generators.

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