WOSD members are active on environmental issues both locally and globally.

WOSD has co-sponsored and/or participated in climate marches (most recently the September 21 Climate Rally held downtown San Diego in concert with 350.org nationally), San Diego Earth Day, compost education and regional mass transportation planning.

This flyer is passed out at rallies and events to emphasize what we as individuals must do while we continue to push government to act sustainably.

The best thing we can do for our future and the earth?

#1:  Do less …of everything!

#2- Get out of cars, trucks.

       Use mass transit. Demand better mass transit. Use buses, trains- not planes.

       Have to Drive?   Buy a hybrid.  Carpool.  Plant a tree to absorb your carbon.

       The cost of idling your car:     5 minutes/day = 10 gallons gas = 220 lbs carbon emissions

                                                          Idling > 10 sec?  Turn off your car.   Plant a tree.

FOOD   The majority of our carbon emissions are from the food we eat.  Eat sustainably.

Eat  more vegan.  Eat less.  Eat local.  Eat seasonally.  Eat organic.

Grow food.  Compost left-overs.

Eat all your food,  share it, or compost it. 


Use solar- solar water heater, solar oven, solar power.  Eat more raw food:)

Take baths, not showers.  Collect unused water in a bucket - water your plants; wash dishes or flush the toilet.

Buy on-demand water heaters.

Use power strips; turn off when not in use.

Passive cooling instead of air conditioning.  Or sit outside!!

More insulation in walls, along windows and doors and outlets.  Weather strip along seams.

Plant a tree to absorb the carbon you are emitting.


Have fewer. Feed them less.

Feed them home-made food, not pet food. 


Buy local.  Boycott over-packaged items & PLASTICS.  Reusable bags.

Buy less.   http://storyofstuff.org/


Vote your values.  Stage a sit-in.  Consider a write-in candidate.

*Multiply your actions by 3 million = impact on San Diego region – that is power!