Alternative Economics and Financial Equity

If we want to achieve economic justice, we need to look at the root causes for economic disparity. Our government has bailed out the banks, supposedly to avert an economic meltdown, but the bailout did nothing to address the scarcity of money, credit and jobs on Main Street. We need to be willing to rethink traditional ways of looking at community development, business and money and try alternatives that will get us through this crisis and perhaps even set us in a whole new direction where the economy of our communities is not at the mercy of the greed and gambles of Wall Street.


Meeting Notes - Feb 4, 2013

Alternative Economics committee mtg 2-4-13 Brainstorm/overview (each person had a chance to express interests/goals)

  • Common credits &/or an alternative currency is needed (not enough cash out there - a way to create funds for people to get what they need)
  • hold a common credits swap meet
  • Want to work on anti austerity/poverty issues
  • We need to choose positive messages instead of anti something:  e.g. - Abundance instead of austerity
  • form worker co-ops
  • create a public bank
  • housing as a right
  • don't reinvent the wheel - use models that are out there already
  • keep clear positive messages/ we can get good PR especially with women doing it
  • stay focused 
  • address consumerism
  • livable wage

 Next steps

  • Plan our meeting - find a way to move forward so we don't just keep spinning our wheels
  • invite the food committee to join us ?
  • everyone is to find 2 examples of alternative economics or businesses that currently operate in some fashion 
  • every person should explore and think about common credits
  • research brick and mortar locations
    • Shirley will ck into the Grove
    • Stephanie will inquire about closed post offices/ other possible govt/city building space

 Thanks for your work everyone-Stephanie