March 2014 Meeting Notes

WOSD Meeting notes for 3-16-14 at Art Academy

In attendance: Wendy Sue, Christina, Jeeni, Evie, Kate, Norrie, Donna, Pam, Eugenia

1. Welcome new: Kathryn Rhodes

2. Update: Adrian lost a lot of weight and electrolytes got out of balance; needs drivers to take her to radiation; Christina’s daughter Sonya was accepted at 3 colleges!

3. Treasurer’s report, Donna: no money in or out, so we still have $935.62; we’re all caught up with bills

4. Budget Committee, Donna: the team met and came up with a policy statement to be shared next time

5. WOSD Retreat—no data

6. Update on Keystone XL, Christina?: we are all trained up waiting for the action of the President; March 20 will be an open meeting at Anita’s clubhouse

7. Update on TPP, Christina: Christina talked at UU to about 15 people who were really interested; Donna informed us that her UU church wants more speakers so they can stay on top of such issues

8. Update on MOP, Pam: Success—Encinitas voted 5-0 in support of a resolution to overturn Citizens United; this was the work of Pam, Sue Zesky, and Diane; this is the 4th City to so vote

9. Update on San Onofre, ?: Someone spoke at Pt. Loma Dem Club

10. Update on Fracking, Christina: Peg and Christina are staying on top of this; regulations are a joke, there is no oversight, waste disposal is not a clean process--don’t know what kind of water is being used

11. Update on Food Security, Evie: The market is dead; Ann Barron is spearheading the next activity which will be a big garden day in City Hts., on March 22.

12. Women’s Rights Committee, Kate: Hobby Lobby case is moving forward

12b. Virginia sent an email asking everyone to sign the Supreme Court Banner

13. Update on Occupellas, Wendy Sue: We’re awaiting the next invitation; Evie got an email from an organizer at the La Jolla parade asking us to sing against discrimination; we had a big discussion as to whether this fits into our purview, seeing that we have no songs on it

14. Update on Movie night, Evie: March 26 is Silent Spring, honoring Rachel Carson for Women’s History Month at Women’s Museum at 7 PM; movie night is on 4th Wed. of every month—it is being advertised in the UT and Reader!; March 23 there will be a showing of MLK in Palestine, 1:30 PM at MLK Library sponsored by Peace Resource Center and Jewish Voices for Peace. 

New Business

15a. Earth Day: April 27, we will share a table with the San Onofre group; need volunteers to sit the table, there will be a doodle poll for this

15. Drone Days: Medea Benjamin was with us at this event last year; she was beaten up in Egypt at Women’s Rights event; we want to do something for her—make a statement.  We are co-sponsoring an anti-Drone event in support of the May 15-16-17 action.

16. Supporting Dr. Neuhaus who is running a one-woman clinic in Kansas; The movie After Tiller discusses the risks she takes; we decided to put this issue into the Women’s Rights committee

17. Drive for Universal healthcare events, April 11-12, this is a Calif. Medical Assoc. Meeting at the Civic Center at 9:30 AM—Occupellas will probably sing at this

18. Citizen’s Review Board, Kate: 5 of us met to discuss strategy to get teeth into this board

19. OSD activities, Wendy Sue: Next OSD meeting is March 23 at Freedom Plaza; the next clothing and items distribution is May 4 from 3-6 PM (the last one made the news!); you can bag stuff up and give it to Wendy Sue at the next WOSD meeting; Cisco is back in town and needs work; Uma drives him or he takes the bus

20. Homeless aid, Kate: there is free legal aid available

21. Memorials for Tanja Winter: she was such an important political figure; memorial service on Sat. March 22 at Church of the Brethren

22. Homelessness, Kathryn: Kathryn has made a spread sheet of money being hidden by the County that could be used for homeless issues; several of our group agreed to meet with her to become more informed about the issue

23. Next meeting: we didn’t actually decide because of Easter; probably will be April 13th