January 26, 2014 Meeting Notes

WOSD Meeting Notes for 1-26-14 at Art Academy

In attendance: Kathy Mack-Burton, Martha Sullivan, Evie Kosower, Christina Imhoof, Donna Daum, Wendy Sue Biegeleisen, Pam Page, Jeenni Criscenzo del Rio, Stephanie Jennings, Masada Disenhouse, Uma Kuchnia, Mary Glass, Kate Yavenditti, Anne Hoiberg, and yours truly, Norrie Robbins

1. Began meeting by greeting Uma, attending her first indoors WOSD meeting. 

2. Member update: Adrian could use driving help to get to radiation sessions.

Old Business

3. Treasurer’s report-Donna; we have around $800.

4. Budget committee-Discussion as to whether we need rules for spending money; Donna said she would meet with others, including Wendy Sue, to make some useful recommendations. 

5. Retreat committee-Discussion of retreat for Spring: after a lively discussion of great places to go, on top of Mt. Laguna, to Mexico, we chose Rita’s spread in Ranchita for Sept.; great discussion by Rita on how much planning went into the first retreat, just about none of it was followed; we were having too much fun doing whatever.

6. Update on Keystone-Masada; EIS is coming out, training is ongoing; the event across the entire US will be one week after the EIS comes out; Christina will take the lead on finding out who was jailed; probably need $200 for each person in jail; the rally will be at the Federal Bldg.; Federal police will be in charge; if you give bail to the County, you get your money back when charges are dropped; if you pay a Bail bondsman, they keep 10%.

7. Update on TPP-Christina: big rally on Jan. 31; speakers include Al Shore and Virginia Franco; we’ll ask Jean Costa if she will speak also; we’ll pay for the TPP poster

8. Update on MOP-Pam: Tues. Jan. 21, is the 4th Anniversay; Scott Peters wanted to do something at Cal Perc and Common Cause at UCSD; Diane Lane talked; had a hard time getting attention of our County Supervisors (Roberts isn’t so friendly); are going to try to get in by sending students; next will be talking to Pt. Loma Dem Club

9. Update on San Onofre-Martha: litigation was filed Fri. to fouce transparency on the decommissioning procedure and to learn how much was spent; we ratepayers are due a 94M dollar refund; in the Coalition to Decommission, WOSD has street cred; Phase III Commission will decide if replacement was a reasonable decision; we will need money for a litigation, which will be repaid within 2 years; Citizens Oversight is a 501c3; Phase I comes out Feb. 27;

10. Update of Food Security and Justice-Christina: This committee is inactive; don’t know if the market is still alive; San Diego School Board has property that could be used. 

11. Update on Women’s Right Project-Anne; this has been a really productive year; Violence Against Women is the direction she wants to follow, even though Human Trafficking is more popular right now; ACLU Coalition for reproductive choice dinner is coming up; Feb. 14 is a big march to End Violence against Women organized by One Billion Rising.

12. Update on Occupellas-Wendy Sue: Fracking songs are next; it costs 8M to frac one well; we’ll sing at the SD 350.org rally on Jan. 31st

13. Update on Movie Night-Evie; none in Dec.; the 29th is “Genetic Roulette”; Feb. 26 is “American Winter”; movies are at Women’s Museum; the door open at 6:30 and the show at 7 PM

New Business

14. Announcements-Uma—thinking of going to Palm Springs to rally against the Koch Brothers; Christina: let’s support Minimum wage events: ICWJ and CPI need support (Fight for 15); Martha: Earth Fair coming up, radiation testing might be a good focus for us; Jeannie can do graphics; Cisco needs work

15. Schedule next meeting-Feb. 16 at 12 PM next meeting