February 16, 2014 WOSD Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes for WOSD 2-16-14

1. Details: At Art Academy; in attendance: Kate, Virginia, Jeeni, Rita, Anne, Donna, Norrie; and two potential new members: Sarah Proctor and Victoria Sanchez

2. Update: Adrian not doing well, needs drivers

Old Business:

3. Treasurer’s report--Donna: We have $935.62

4. Budget committee--Donna: Two proposals came in, one detailed and one general; Donna is combining them; the important parts are a) We will always leave $300 in the bank; b) Each committee gets $30 that doesn’t have to be accounted for; c) Discussed how many people are needed to vote for spending money; possibilities are these: less than $100 or $200, a majority can vote online; greater than $100 or $200, requires a decision by a committee or during a meeting; d) We decided that the Treasurer can count the votes; e) Anne Barron can sign checks if Donna is not present.

5. Retreat committee—Rita: Her place will be available in October; we agreed that 1 ½ days is perfect; 1 day of formal discussion and ½ day of informal activities.

6. Update on Keystone—Kate: the action on Feb. 25 was called off by the National Organization; 3 cities on the east coast will lead the disobedience; so San Diego is on hold.

7. Update on TPP—Christina provided a written report; Reed is against fast track; no Democrats are speaking for it; Christina will be talking at Summit Church on TPP.  We need to keep the pressure on Congress against TPP and fast track.

8. Update on MOP—Pam emailed that MOP is still waiting to get on Encinitas CC agenda.

9. Update on San Onofre—(WHO GAVE THIS REPORT?) radiation meters are problematic; they will probably need $15,000 to purchase a reliable system; Stephanie has pledged $600 from her settlement.

10. Update on Food Security and Justice—Rita: the market is defunct; there is a meeting next week to decide what to do next.

11. Update on Women’s Rights—Anne H.: One Billion Rising seems to have fallen apart, we didn’t do any action on Feb. 14; the Peace Resource Center wants artwork for an exhibit; Anne created a piece entitled “No Boots on the Ground—No Military Drones in the Sky”; there was an action in San Diego leading to major arrest of pimps in North Park, but not of customers; Diane Jacob had a summit with 250 people there; 3 professors got $400,000 to study gang involvement; on college campuses, 95% of sexual assault involved alcohol; Greg Cox’s wife works on this and found that the most dangerous age for women is 19-25; Anne is off to a UN conference on March 10 on poverty; Brazil decided to pay parents to cut poverty for children; contact Anne if you want to go next year

Update on Homelessness—Jeeni: none of the programs being highlighted are actually doing as well as stated; Phoenix has a tooted program for veterans, their shelters are full and people are being given tickets to leave town; SD has all those barracks near the airport that could have been used, but legislation to use them didn’t pass; we use the Co-homing model, whereas Habitat for Humanity insists on one adult per room; Wendy set up a great day handing out jackets and gloves, etc., Cisco let in people 2 at a time because there were so many; but we haven’t been invited back to a similar action on Feb. 28 organized by Occupy

12. Update on Occupellas: no report

13 Update on Movie night--Anne H.: Monday night will be a discussion on food; movie night is 3rd Wed. at the Women’s Museum, Barack 16, doors open at 6:30 PM; next is “American Winter” (about middle class people who never thought they would fall into the lower class); last month was “Genetic Roulette” and 30 people showed up.

New Business

14. Announcements--Jeeni: on Monday Feb. 24, there will be a meeting at the La Jolla library on literature and poetry; Jeeni will be in competition for the $50, come clap for her. Kate: The movie “After Tiller” will be shown at First UU church (4190 Front St), free admission, 6 PM.  Virginia: we need to talk more about the abortion providers who need help in Kansas; Ashley Phillips wore a bullet proof vest when she gave her talk; Sandra Fluke gave Virginia her card.

15. Next meeting—March 16, 2014.