CRB UPDATE: City Clerk Receives A Strong Charter Amendment For An Independent Commission on Police Practices From WOSD

On March 26, WOSD turned into the office of the City Clerk a Charter Amendment to replace the ineffective CRB with a strong, independent, transparent, community Commission on Police Practices

We are grateful to our allies and supporter for your support, work and advice on changing police oversight in San Diego - community support is essential to the effort to hold police accountable.  

The attached amendment is a streamlined version of the longer "wish-list" discussed at the last Allies meeting in August, with a couple new parts to make sure it is implemented once passed.  ‚Äč

This includes:

·         a section on empowering ordinances,

·         a 90-day time period for implementation, and

·         the replacement of the current CRB with the new Commission. 

WOSD Charter Amendment for November Ballot.pdf

We are deeply appreciative of Andrea St. Julian's work on the Amendment - her tireless research, interviews with activists and officials across the country, and work on including everyone's input.