Synergy of Purpose

Here's a great example of the synergy between the missions of Women Occupy SD and the Coalition to Decommission San Onofre (of which WOSD is a founding member): During the Public Comment period at the end of the CA Energy Commission- hosted workshop at UCLA on Monday, many speakers representing community-based organizations emphasized to the handful of remaining CEC, CPUC and ISO officials that we need NEW thinking to lead us forward and we do NOT need more fossil fuel plants nor transmission predicated on the old, centralized generation model. CDSO reps Ray Lutz and Martha Sullivan added two more important guideposts:

1. Our policymakers need to embrace and cherish public involvement and the innovation bubbling up from our communities, NOT stifle it by banning video cameras from public meetings while holding these meetings far removed from the communities most affected.

2. The Houston Chronicle has reported that the average annual compensation of utility executives nationwide increased 150% from 2000 - 2011. In SoCal it is even more egregious -- the annual compensation for the Chair & CEO of SoCal Edison increased 15x from 2000 - 2011, from $764k to 10.9 Mil; and the SDG&E Chair/CEO increased a mere 4x in the same time period, from almost $1 Mil to $3.9 Mil.

The Investor-Owned Utilities who are the gatekeepers to our transmission grid and generation resources do NOT need any more help. We, the ratepayers who fund their lavish compensation and can barely support ourselves, DO.