WOSD Calls for Reform of the San Diego Citizens Review Board on Police Practices

The community has the right, and the obligation, to oversee the Police Department.  Currently, the San Diego City Citizens Review Board sends all complaints of police wrongdoing directly to the Police Department of Internal Affairs, which investigates allegations and reports back to the Citizens Review Board.  Any institution that investigates itself has a built in conflict of interest.

It's time to build transparency and trust into the system.

Our Proposal

Reforms essential to effective community oversight of the SDPD include:

  • Independent investigators with Subpoena power.
  • Intake, tracking and review by the CRB itself, not relying on the Police Department.
  • Change the name Community Review Board on Police Practices.
  • Two CRB members appointed by each City Council District Representative, and  one by the Mayor, promoting broader community representation.

Take Action

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Contact us:  sdcrbreform@gmail.com

Publication Date: 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015